Tummy Stuffers Giant

Have you already seen new storage solution slash toy like bag for kids to stuff and store all they stuff and belongings. It’s an amazing idea for kids to keep all in a good order with very a little efforts and lots of fun. Tummy Stuffers are really great! They are colorful, made of very nice and soft fabric, cute funny characters, really bright and catchy. There are 3 different types of them: Tummy Stuffers Giants, Original size is a half way smaller and Mini even smaller than medium size stuffers. So you can easily can will find a perfect size for your needs. Choose one and enjoy smart and colorful way of storing.

Tummy Stuffers Cat
Tummy Stuffers Cat

As for the characters, there are so many to choose from pink cat with white paws, green gator, brown monkey, tan dog, purple unicorn, red and black ladybug and even more. My favorite so far is pink kitty cat, it’s a really girlish one funny and princess like will fit any pinky style girl room and add some more fun and sweet.

All Tummy Stuffers giant or medium or mini looks absolutely the same, the only difference is the size. It’s a ball-shaped roomy bag made of plush and very soft material. To make the bag look more like a toy it has sewn arms and legs and a head with very huge mouth. The head style depends on what kind of toy it is gator or dog, monkey or cat and so on, all other parts are identical. The main idea is stuffing the tummy of your stuffer with socks or shirts or toys or even blankets and it starts growing bigger and bigger. The biggest are giant stuffers they can easily consume lots of mini ones and several medium sized Tummy Stuffers full of stuff.

So I think you’ve got the idea how it works and all that remains try it out. Stuffers are so popular right now and widely available from your local market to online store. Hope you like the idea and your kids as well, it definitely helps keep all the stuff in one place easy and funny. Try them out and tell me wich one your favorite.