Princess Merida Bow and Arrow Set

For all little girls who saw and love Brave animated movie, there is an amazing Disney Princess Merida Bow and Arrow Set to play and pretend that you are a real brave princess Merida. The set is great for kids ages 3 to 15 and includes stylish purple and soft case for arrows with Merida image on one side, one purple bow and 3 arrows, just exactly like Merida’s quiver and bow from the movie.

Merida's Bow and Arrow Set

The set is absolutely nice, the main purple color makes it very strong and catchy at the same time, I think girls of all ages will love to play with it. What’s more the toy is definitely educational, little girls will learn how to load and an arrow on a bow and then how to shoot it easily. And I say that it’s not easy how it seems, because the arrow going to fall off for the first time very often and then with practice your little princess will master it and become a brave archer as well.

Merida bow and arrow set is just released a few days ago and became one of the bestsellers on toy market. You can order this toy online in US or you can buy it at your local store. The price depends on the market and starts from $20, but it’s actually depends also on the quality of the bow and arrows, some of the toys are really cheap made and definitely don’t worth your attention and another are really good, well made and good enough to become a gift for a girl.

I also want to tell you that besides this nice activity set, girls also could love to play with beautiful Merida doll from Brave movie as well. This red-haired beauty comes in her princess dress and with her own bow to teach you how to shoot arrows. Are you ready for a good competition? Arrows stick very well to smooth surfaces like glass, metal, painted walls and so on. You can even organize a great princess Merida party for your little princess and her friends. I wish you good luck with your new stylish weapon and see you soon.