Pillow Racer Dino, Ladybug, Turtle

Introducing new adorable Pillow Racers by Little Tikes – Dino, Ladybug and Turtle. Soft, cozy pillow pet can be removed from racer for cuddling. Caster wheels allow easy turns any direction, comfy handle for ride-on and transportation. Pillow Racer is dedicated for kids from 18 months to 3 years old and the maximum weight limit up to 50 lbs. Easy to assemble and clean, fun to play and cuddle.

Pillow Racer Dino

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Little Tikes company known for their adorable toy vehicle for kids, cars, bikes, wagons and so on. For this year 2012 their created cute indoor vehicle for kids to ride-on. And it’s not only just one more indoor toy to play with, it’s a transformer toy, that you can easily assemble and clean. Pillow Racer consists from 2 parts: the soft and cuddling pillow and solid plastic with caster wheels racer. The pillow is a removable part that can be easily detach from the racer, also there are several different types of pillows you can choose from: red and blue dino with huge ball shaped eyes and wide smile; green turtle and black and red ladybug. The pillows are made from high quality fabric and safe for little ones, also colors are very bright and light. Kids will enjoy playing and cuddling this pillow pets – racers. The mechanic part of the racer is a solid and steady construction made from black plastic with caster wheels, it resembles an office chair or something like this. Caster wheels allow to kids easy turn the racer any direction. This toys racer is dedicated for kids under 50 lbs for safe playing.

Pillow Racer Ladybag

I love Little Tikes products, they are high quality, well made, so funny and kids love them so much. But it was a small problem with these toys, because they are mostly outdoor toys and dedicated for playing outside. And what if it’s pretty much cold outside, or windy or raining, you are not going to allow your child go and play outside. So now you have great alternative – with new Little Tikes Pillow Racers Dino, Turtle and Ladybug, kids can play inside a house anytime they want. Bad weather or twilight is not a problem any more, kids can ride-on their cute racers from morning to the late night. And after that they still can enjoy the company of their new cuddly friends during the bed time. Remove pillow pet from racer and it’s ready to become a soft stuffed toy for your kid. Another great thing about these toys is that it’s easy to clean up, but notice that it needs hand washing, so you can’t use washing machine for it, but anyway it’s still very easy to wash, just try – you will see that it takes a little time and your pillow pet is ready again for adventures.

Pillow Racer Turtle

Now on the price part and where to buy this toy. The official website offers Little Tikes Pillow Racers for $39.99, you can choose turtle, dinosaur or ladybug. Also if you are in US you can order this toys online through amazon or ToysRUs, they also offer all 3 racers for $39.99. And the last way is trying to find it in your local store, I think price can vary there, but still it should be about $40. As you can see there is no big difference in price, you also will get free shipping if you buy it online. So it’s up to you which way is more suitable for you. If you are interesting why there is no difference in price, it’s because Little Tikes company affiliate with all online retailers and pay the piper. It’s always very good quality and service. I definitely recommend Little Tikes Pillow Racers for little girls and boys, you won’t be disappointed.