Monster High Roller Maze Skating Dolls Operetta, Frankie, Lagoona, Ghoulia

Great summer collection of Monster High Maze Skating dolls coming up! Four your favorite monsters wear summer outfits and ready for skating in the park. Ghoulia, Lagoona, Frankie and Operetta wear helmets, knee pads and wrist protectors so they definitely will be safe while having great time skating on their high heeled roller blades.

Roller Maze Skating Dolls

New Monster High Roller Maze line consists from 4 dolls: Ghoulia Yelps, Lagoona Blue, Frankie Stein and Operetta. Each of these four dolls is dressed up in sporty summer fashion outfit, roller skates and body protectors for easy and safe skating around.

Ghoulia wears black and white stripy dress with pink sleeves and black collar. She has green and blue wavy hair shoulder length, green sunglasses, pink helmet decorated with roses all over, pink knee pads and black high heeled skates with pink sole and green, blue and pink wheels. Lagoona has blond and green hair, green eyes and pink lips. She wears black dress with yellow top, her helmet, knee pads and skates are green in color. Frankie is dressed up in black short dress with colorful circles pattern, she has black and white locks, and blue color helmet, knee pads and roller blades. Operetta wears white with black circles dress, black helmet, black knee pads and white roller skates.

The main difference of MH Maze Roller dolls from all other is hair length, outfits and rollers. All four skating dolls have shoulder length hair, it makes them look very stylish, sporty and fresh. Next thing is short sporty dress, they look so cool, and each doll has unique designed specially for her outfit. And the helmets and roller blades are just amazing. Removable all different styles helmets look very cool and high-heeled roller skates is just something really extraordinary and fabulous. These dolls are must have for any collector. Monster High Roller Skating dolls will be released this year 2012 and in a near future you can order them online in US, they will be available for preorder at amazon and ToysRUs. I also recommend you to check shop to see if they are available for purchase there.

As for me I love all dolls from MH collection, even plush and key chain versions. And of course I love Monster High Books and can’t wait for new Back and Deader then ever book coming out. So I’m going to update this post as soon as Roller Maze dolls will be available for purchase, so stay tuned and check back soon for more MH toys and playsets, there will be tons of them this year.