Monster High Create A Monster Harpy And Siren

Today I’m gonna show you 2 new create-a-monster packs by Mattel – Monster High Harpy set and Monster High Siren add-on pack. It’s really awesome release, packs are great and new creatures that you can build with help of these 2 add-ons are fabulous.


Just imagine that you can create really great looking Harpy doll with purple feathery wings, black curly hair and bird inspired outfit. Or you can build your own Siren doll with mermaid tail, blue wavy hair and fish like skin. This is really great create-a-monster packs, they are released recently and became a hit at once. So it’s not a surprise that all Monster High loves new monster, because they are really awesome. I’m gonna show you a little bit closer both of these packs.

First set I want to tell you about is Monster High Siren create-a-monster pack. It includes doll head, arms, wig, mermaid tail instead of legs, outfit and accessories to style your new doll. This is actually the first ever Monster High mermaid doll with fish tail. The entire body of this girl should be blue in color with big fish eyes, just like Lagoona Blue has. There are also fins on her arms and caudal fin at the end of her tail. Siren has very beautiful mermaid tail, all blue in color with pink fins along tail’s sides and big pink caudal fin at the end. Siren wears sea color wavy wig, it looks really pretty and hypnotize at the same time. Her outfit includes coral print sleeveless top and some accessories like belt and necklace.

The second add-on is Monster High Harpy pack. This is another create-a-monster set with really cool parts to build your Harpy doll. It includes doll head, legs, arms with feathery wings, black wig, cool dress and pink platform shoes. Harpy has light purple skin color, she is a half human half bird that’s why she has incredible purple with lots of feathers wings on her arms. She also has shoes on a platform decorated with feathers and really stylish dress with print of feathers and stones. Her hair is black and curly with purple locks here and there. To complete the look Harpy has some special accessories.

I think both new create a monster packs Harpy and Siren are great and must have for all Monster High fans. They are appeared on the market just a couple days ago, so don’t miss your chance to get these new monsters for the best price.