Monster High Create-A-Monster Gargoyle and Vampire Boy

Today we are going to continue our MH topic and I will show you one more CAM starter set for this year 2012 Monster High Create-A-Monster Gargoyle and Vampire Boy. This is pack of 2 MH boys that you can create yourself.

Gargoyle and Vampire Boys

Yep, that’s right, finally all the MH fans can enjoy creating and playing with new characters, and just simple characters or new girl dolls, but very trendy nowadays personages and boy dolls, which is not so common. The first doll from this pack of course is a vampire boy doll. He has pink colored body and red blood eyes and of course two white fangs showing up from his mouth. For all the fans of Twilight saga and just vampire thematic this is the great release and you will be more than happy with this new vampire Monster High boy doll. He also has very cute outfit like red denim shorts and sleeveless t-shirt black with red stripes. There is a pair of black sneakers and black and red wig to complete the look. Great collectors doll to have in any collection. Another one from this CAM starter set is Gargoyle boy, he has gray with black spots skin tone, just like any stone color like marble or granite. It’s better to compare this color with a granite stone, especially with a well known fact that gargoyle boy like like a Monster High Gargoyle girl – Rochelle Goyle, this boy comes from a Paris and may be he was sitting on the top of Notre Dame de Paris or where ever, he is anyway very cute and has the same face shape as Rochelle has, so they will be a great couple in the MH school no doubts. When you create your gargoyle monster you will find out that there are some extra pieces like wings to make absolutely new unique look. And the vampire doll has a tattoo on his left hand as well to make it very special.

So how many MH dolls you have and how many of them are boys dolls? I’m not sure but Mattel is planning to continue design new characters and released new dolls especially right before the Christmas time. What do you think are we enough with Monster High or may be you decide that it’s still can be some really amazing characters released to collect? I’s just a simple collector, I’m trying to get them all, but I really love some of new characters, because they are fun unusual and worth to be in my collection. And what’s your favorite personages? As for Monster High Gargoyle and Vampire Boys Cam starter pack, they are already available for sale in US and the price starts from $40 and can vary depending on the retailer. Thanks for stopping by and see you soon.