Monster High 2013 Skelita Calaveras

Since Mattel announced new Monster High City of Frights line of dolls, we all looking forward to see new dolls like Jinafire Long and Skelita Calaveras. You can find all the information according to Jinafire Long doll here, and today I will tell you about Monster High Skelita Calaveras. This doll has a body totally made from bones. Her skull looks like real and it seems to me that she is the most weird and scary doll of all MH collection.

Skelita Calaveras

For the first time Skelita will appear in the City of Frights TV special of 2013. As a doll she will be released with other girls as a part of Travel assortment. This line includes all the dolls that are ready for a trip with travel bags and accessories. Each has her own specially designed travel bag and outfit. Skelita is one of the most interesting characters in the whole bunch, she is only skull and bones, nothing else. She obviously looks incredibly skinny and bonny, you can even use this doll to study human skeleton. Inspite of the fact that she is a skeleton girl, her skull looks like ordinary MH doll’s head, she even has a hair wig which is very strange for a skeleton, she should be totally bold shouldn’t she? Anyway her make up is pretty catchy, she has big black eyes, pink lips and blue eye-shadows. Her hair are black and orange. Skelita wears fluffy rainbow skirt to add some color to her pale person. She pairs her skirt with black top and green high heels. Her accessories are orange necklace and bracelet to match her hair color. She comes with her own pink travel bag and black orange diary. Inside you will also find doll stand, poster and hair brush.

Besides Skelita Calavers and Jinafire Long, new Monster High Scaris line will include a few more and totally updated dolls: Rochelle Goyle in her Paris outfit, Frankie Stein doll that can sparkle, Howleen Wolf that can howl and something more. Stay tuned to find out the exact release date for all these dolls and for more information.