Monster High 2013 Scaris Nights JinaFire Long

I have an awesome news for all MH fans! The manufacturer announced some of new Monster High dolls 2013 and one of them is JinaFire Long the Chinese Dragon girl from Scaris Nights series. Actually it’s not a surprise form me that she is a dragon character because she is Chinese and China is associated with dragons as well.

JinaFire Long

So girl is really gorgeous. Besides really cool monster appearance, JinaFire has golden color skin tone and awesome long straight green with black locks hair. Part of her hair is up do into a hair bun decorated with Chinese hair stick and the rest part is loosen. She is one of 5 new Monster High Travel dolls collection coming 2013. JinaFire comes with her own travel book that opens for your Chinese culture and you can visit it through the pages of the book and make some notes together with your friends. So what’s else? Each doll from Scaris Nights Travel series comes with travel bag on wheels, where you can store doll’s accessories of other tiny pieces. Also there is as always a hair brush and some guide and instruction feature new dolls and playsets. As for the clothes, Monster High Scaris Nights JinaFire Long wears very cool outfit, it’s a short dress with one long and one short sleeve black, purple and dark red colors. She also wears netted tights, red high-heeled boots and golden belt decorated with huge Chinese golden coin.

This new doll looks pretty nice and definitely must have for collectors, she is unique, beautiful and her green wig is just my favorite piece to go for. I’m not sure about the exact release date for new Monster High Scaris Nights 2013 series and JinaFire Long particularly, but I will update this post as soon as new information will come up on the net. One thing I definitely sure about is that it will appear in US before any other countries. So looking forward for more new MH dolls 2013 and thanks for stopping by.