Monster High 2013 Catrine DeMew

Meet one more new Monster High doll 2013 Catrine DeMew. Based on the popular French actress Catherine Deneuve, new character Catrine DeMew is one more cat doll in the bunch. She has lilac pink wavy hair, lilac make up, blue cat eyes, cat ears and cat tail. She also wears tiger print lilac top fluffy short skirt and gorgeous lilac high heels. This is my favorite doll so far, absolutely love it!

Catrine DeMew

I’m not kidding telling that Catrine DeMew is my favorite doll, because she is gorgeous, she is so beautiful, absolutely angelic and she is a cat character at the same time. Can’t wait till the release date to get her for my collection. Everybody who loves werecats, Toralei, Spectra and purple color, will love this Monster High white cat doll, because she combines all these qualities together. She is so cute, so adorable. Catrine is one more doll of Monster High Scaris Nights series and as long as she wears cool black driving gloves she probably own the Scaris car, it will be awesome to see her driving beautiful car at nigh time of Scaris City. We will see…

What I also can add about Catrine. She comes with her own really cute black purse with purple print of Scaris city. She also has black driving sunglasses and she is probably a designer or artist in her live. So I definitely looking forward to see this doll in person, if you also love her then check back from time to time, because I will update this post with exact release date of Monster High Catrine DeMew, see you soon.