Mini Lalaloopsy Toasty Sweet Fluff

Meet the newest doll by Lalaloopsy – Toasty Sweet Fluff! She is a real snow princes in her white fluffy dress with white hair and little pet white rabbit. Toasty is not the only one new doll released this summer 2012, it’s a whole new line of Mini Lalaloopsy dolls including Bubble Smack and Pop, Sugar Fruit Drops and Twist E Twirl.

Toasty Sweet Fluff
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Toasty Sweet Fluff is the first ever Lala-doll with white hair, she has light peachy skin color, black buttons for eyes and pink cheeks. Toasty wears white fluffy sleeveless dress with white gloves and white boots. Her dress and gloves are decorated with fur to keep her warm and cozy. She wears very cute hair style with big pink bow, her boots are also decorated with pink bows. As for accessories she has pink soft bag, white puff and stick with four marshmallows. This doll is obviously my favorite so far, she looks so cute and beautiful, I absolutely love it. And this is not the end of the story. It’s not only the doll looks so nice, her pet is also more than adorable, tiny white bunny with cute little hair resembles a marshmallow. He also has tiny black buttons for eyes and black whiskers.

I’m sure this girl is going to be a hit this year and it’s gonna be on a Christmas list of every girl trust me. So if you are planning to surprise your little princes then don’t hesitate order this doll as soon as possible, because the price is going to jump up before the Christmas. So I hope you like the new line of Bitty Buttons dolls and this one Lalaloopsy Toasty Sweet Fluff especially, thanks for reading and check back soon for more new toys and dolls for this year 2012.