Mini Lalaloopsy Bubble Smack N Pop

Bubble Smack N Pop is one more and the last forth mini Lala-doll from the newest line by MGA. This doll is all about fun, sweetness and cuteness. The girl is very bubbly, really girlish and absolutely unique. Bubble Smack was sewn from a stick of bubble gum on February 3rd the Bubble Gum Day. Smack and Pop comes with her own pet bear and doll house.

Bubble Smack N Pop
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What can be more attractive and entertaining than colorful and bubbly personality, this Lalaloopsy character is very sweet and nice. Bubble Smack comes wearing red tulip shaped dress, pink knee length socks, pink high sneakers and pink accessories like huge pink bow on her head and cute pink bracelets on her arms. Her hair are pink red in color and she has very unique and unusual hair style, her hair look like 2 long balloons bended 3 times, very specific and beautiful character for any collection. But the most interesting part about this doll is her gum, she is coming blowing a gum ball with her pink gum. Smack and Pop is all about gum and bubbles, even her pet bear looks like a gum ball. It’s ball shaped pink in color pear with two black buttons for eyes. And of course this doll has amazing colorful and popping up doll house. It’s pink blue green orange purple house decorated with balloons, and things made from balloons, like little green chair sewed from green balloons all different shape and length. And of course she comes with pink balloon, gum ball machine and her own pink ball shaped purse. Lalaloopsy Bubble Smack and Pop doll is already released and available for purchase online in US, the price starts from $9 and can vary depends on a seller. You can order this doll online together with other 3 dolls from new line: Twist E Twirls, Sugar Fruit Drops, Toasty Sweet Fluff.