Lalaloopsy Silly Fun House Ace Fender Bender The Monkey Boy

Meet one more mini Lalaloopsy doll from Silly Fun House series – Ace Fender Bender in a monkey costume with his monkey pet and tons of accessories. This new series of mini Lala-dolls is amazing – they are so sweet, so funny, so silly and come in new outfits and with new great accessories that kids can share between all the dolls and each other.

Ace Fender Bender

This year 2012 is all about new toys for kids all ages and I’m sure you already saw the main part of these new awesome toys released and coming soon this summer, fall and winter 2012, and I’m looking forward for the Christmas releases as well, more then anytime before. I really want the manufactures and designers coming up with something cool and awesome and crazy, just like it was in 2009 when Cepia released Zhu Zhu Pets or Mattel and their Monster High dolls, but who knows, we will see, we will see…

Now lets go back to our Silly Fun House characters. Today I’m going to review Ace Fender Bender doll. Ace is a lala-boy doll, one of five boys released by MGA Entertainment for 2 last years. Ace like all others characters has his own pet, favorite hobby and of course story behind. He is a boy with red hair and it’s really cool, because it’s so a few boy dolls with red hair on the toy market, and I really love these fire headed little ones. But this time it’s not just common doll of a boy with red hair, it’s Ace wearing his monkey party outfit, he has monkey overall, hat with monkey ears and little blue vest and red bow. His pet is also wearing funny red hat like one from the Aladin animated movie. Also inside the pack you will find some special stuff that kids can play with. Ace comes in jungle decorated pack that can be easily transformed into the doll house. This toy is really great collectible doll for girls and boys ages 3 and up. You can purchase this toy online in US, the price for it starts from $7. Create your own Lalaloopsy Silly Fun House collection and check back soon for more information and new releases of hot toys 2012.