Lalaloopsy Ivory Ice Crystals

Meet Ivory Ice Crystals the latest huge surprise by MGA Entertainment the manufacturer of Lalaloopsy dolls. Ivory is a real ice princess, she has blue hair and wears a shaggy dress made from white fur. She comes with her own pet furry polar bear wearing little ice crown. Ivory is going to be released in a near future to become a great gift idea for this Christmas Holiday 2012.

Lalaloopsy Ivory Ice Crystals Mini Lalaloopsy Ivory Ice Crystals

For this time MGA designers came up with 2 dolls at once. Big Ivory with changeable outfit and Mini Lalaloopsy 3 inch Ivory Ice Crystals doll in plastic dress. Both doll look gorgeous in their white dresses matching very well to blue hair color. It seems to me that Ivory knows Mittens Fluff and Stuff girl somehow, may be they are even relatives. I think so because Mittens have Blue hair and Ivory have blue hair too, they both love winter and snow fun, they live in snow place and very rare go relaxing on a beach, because these girls don’t know how to live without snow and frost for a long time. Ivory doll has absolutely new hair style, no one Lala doll has such hair style, her hair are sparkly blue shimmering with crystals, like she just came from a frosty outside. Cute little curls go from top to her shoulder, she a real queen of polar and snow. Her eyes are black and her skin tone is peachy pink with very nice glow. Her dress, shoes and cape are made from fur to protect her from freezy weather. Ivory wears knee length white furry boots they look like UGGs or something, her dress are also made from white fur with fluffy skirt and top decorated with crystals. Her cape looks very beautiful, made from fur and blue glittering fabric it protects from freeze and makes Ivory looking glamorous. Her pet is the first evel Lalaloopsy pet from fur, he is made from white furry fabric with pink shimmering ears and little crystals crown on his head.

Mini Ivory doll looks almost the same, but her dress is made from white plastic and her pet bear is also made from plastic. She comes with snow ball and ice cream. And one more little difference between mini and big doll is that mini one wears a blue crown made from plastic and big one wears furry hat to be warm and cozy these cool winter days. I hope you like this Lalaloopsy snow girl and her adorable little pet. Thanks for stopping by and see you soon back.