Lalaloopsy Haley Galaxy New 2013

Meet new Lalaloopsy doll 2013 – Haley Galaxy, cute isn’t she? Alien like doll with green skin color and blue wavy hair comes with her little yellow alien pet. Haley Galaxy was sewn on February 12th from unidentified shiny object and that’s why she likes more than everything making wishes. And I sure you will also come up with a wish to get her into your collection of Lala-dolls.

Haley Galaxy
Haley Galaxy

Of course the coolest thing about Haley is her unusual skin color and hair style. She has very light but still green skin tone and baby blue wavy hairs made up in two short ponytails on each side of her head. She also has very black eyes and fresh and healthy pink cheeks. She is very glad to make friends with all the human beings and especially with a little girls, because she is a little girl to and want to play different games and share some girlish secrets. She is very nice and bubbly you will never get bored in her company. She will tell you all the stories from other galactics and listen with pleasure all your favorite stories as well. She also will introduce to you her little pet friend – yellow alien with big black eyes and tiny white teeth. Don’t be afraid he is very friendly and gentle. It’s gonna be so much fun playing with Lalaloopsy Haley Galaxy and her pet.

Now a couple words about her outfit. What’s trendy out of the Earth? Haley knows everything about fashion on other planets and she is one of the most fashionable girl to ask a fashion advice from. So Haley wears short silver sparkling dress with square print and decorated along the edges with pink sparkle lace and 2 pink sparkle belts. She also has pink short-like trousers very wide and very fluffy and of course the alien boots nice and cozy made of pink silver and hot pink materials and decorated with belts to match the dress style. On her head she has very cute head bend made of silver wire with pink balls at the ends.

Very cute and stylish and unusual and high collectible Lalaloopsy Haley Galaxy is a must have for all Lala-collectors and cute doll fans. Hope you like her as much as I and see you soon for more news about cool toys released recently in US.