Lalaloopsy Goldie Luxe

Introducing Lalaloopsy Goldie Luxe doll! This doll is absolutely stunning, Goldie Luxe is indeed luxe class doll. She is a real princess among all Lala-dolls. She has what it takes to be the most beautiful and royal looking doll. Just look at her I’m sure you will put her in your wish list for this Christmas 2013.

Lalaloopsy Goldie Luxe
Goldie Luxe

Goldie Luxe comes wearing a royal dress and tiara with her own pet peacock. She has the most beautiful and outstanding hair style and hair color in the whole pack of Lalas. She has curly sparkling and shining hair made up in a high wavy hair bun and decorated with golden tiara. She has very black like a coal button-shaped eyes with long lashes, pink cheeks and pinky purl bronzed skin tone. Goldie wears tremendous royal dress extremely beautiful with long fluffy with tons of ruffles bottom skirt decorated with pink lave and bows. The top is also decorated with pink lace and pink bows and made from golden sparkling fabric. On foot Goldie wears golden flat shoes with pink toes and pink bows. Her pet peacock is also very good looking creature. It’s pink with golden tail.

For me Lalaloopsy Goldie Luxe is the most beautiful and absolutely must have Lala-doll! It’s quite hard to find her on sale because in spite of the fact that she is already released and available for purchase in US you can’t find it anywhere it’s always the same situation all markets and toys stores are run out of Goldie doll. Even online retailers the huge ones can’t offer you a stable in stock mark. You should be very lucky to find this doll on sale and if so don’t miss your chance to buy Lalaloopsy Goldie Luxe at once because next time it may be out of stock. Wish you all have a good and lucky shopping and check back soon.