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Lalaloopsy Micro 2012

Meet new wave of button-eyed dolls – Lalaloopsy Micro! It’s a fourth collection of Bitty Buttons dolls and it includes the tiniest Lalaloopsy doll ever – they are just about 1,5 inch height.

Besides Micros there are 3 another collections:

  • Original 12 inches height dolls
  • Lalaloopsy Littles – 8 inches height
  • Minis – 3 inches height

All of them has big plastic buttons for eyes, plastic hair and movable legs and arms, they resemble rag dolls that was so popular not so long ago. For the last two years 2010 – 2011 MGA Entertainment the manufacturer of these dolls designed and released lots of them, really huge collection of more than 40 different characters, pets, accessories, outfits and supplies. This year 2012 brought us new Micro Lalaloopsy, they are the smallest in the pack, and they differs a lot from their big sisters. So, what’s so special about new series? Micros are about 1,5 inch tall, they are exact copies of big dolls, and they have only one movable part in the entire body – it’s their heads. Yes, micro button-eyed dolls have solid plastic body and only one movable part – head, but this is actually the most entertaining part. The head is not only movable, it’s also removable, which means you can take it off and replace with a head of any other Micro doll. So you can mix and match different bodies and heads creating more and more new characters, that didn’t even exist before. I love new idea of removable heads, but what’s more great about new series of Lalaloopsy Micro figurines is that each doll comes with a sticker sheet. So if you got Crumbs Sugar Cookie you also got a sticker sheet with Crumbs on it and cute tiny heart sticker that you can use to decorate your books, copy-books, wardrobes, letters, photos, pics and whatever else. Besides the sticker sheet there is also collecting book where you can stick all your stickers, so you can create your own collection of micro figures. What else you can do? Of course you can share and trade with your friends, it’s really great way to communicate and get all dolls and stickers faster. If you have 2 Micro Pillow Featherbed dolls and your best friend 2 Splatter Spot Splash then you can easily trade and get the doll that you still don’t have in your collection and help your friend to complete her goal. So, I think that’s pretty much it about new Lalaloopsy Micro figures 2012. Let’s go through all the options briefly once again: it’s a 4th series, the height of each doll is about 1,5 inch, solid dolls with interchangeable heads comes with stickers for you to collect.